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Puzzle 6


The Stars Puzzle is loading. Look for Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, and Mel Gibson!


4    Batman star
5    Trilogy starring Harrison Ford
10    He's married to Nicole Kidman
15    Heartthrob in "Braveheart"
16    He made his debut in Star Wars
17    Tom Cruise plays "Maverick" in this movie


1    "Seven Years in __"
2    Popular couple stars in this Irish hit
3    1997 musical based in Argentina
6    Red-haired actress of "Far and Away"
7    "__ in Seattle
8    Tom Hanks starred in this 'kid" movie
9    Meg and Tom are hits in this
11    Jim Carey stars in this movie
12    The prequel just came out for this blockbuster
13    He starred in "Big"
14    Co-stars with Tom Hanks in "You've Got Mail"

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